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Press Release – Regarding CDC and COVID-19 Vaccine for School-aged Children

For Immediate Release

October 20, 2022

In regards to the very troubling decision issued earlier today from the CDC (a non-elected board) to add the COVID-19 vaccine to routine childhood immunizations, children could be required to get the vaccine in order to attend school.  Ultimately, the decision would be made by the state board of education, the state department of health and public safety to deem it appropriate for Connecticut’s children.  My first priority, when I am elected to the 58th Connecticut State Assembly this November, will be to fight to ensure this does not happen in Connecticut, as well as work to restore the religious exemption for all parents so they can best choose what is most appropriate for their children on attending school, public or private.

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With this vaccine, that is still classified under emergency use only for children under 12 years old, I believe parents have a right to choose what is best for their families.  I want to see some clinical data before we force this as a requirement for school. The evidence has been lacking, there is not much clinical data that has been shared with the public. Parents should be able to opt out since there has never been a vaccine added to the child immunization schedule without solid clinical evidence that it reduces disease significantly in the community. These are our children, not theirs and we should be able to make clear and informed decisions about their healthcare with clinical data to back it up especially on new vaccines or treatments.

Some news outlets state that, what the CDC is voting on, is about making the COVID-19 vaccine more affordable for families, should they choose to vaccinate their child. To that I say, any vaccine should be made affordable to the public, should you chose to get it.

In summary, I will fight for parents’ rights to choose what is appropriate for their families. 

Robert “Bob” Hendrickson, candidate for State Representative District 58


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